License popup - too many computers

Emsisoft shows the 3 endpoints as Protected on their MSP Portal. However, the endpoint (graphic shows the message) keeps popping up a message that an additional license is needed for the endpoint. How should I remediate this problem?

Note: I had to change the affected endpoint to a policy without Emsisoft so the user could read his email. It is currently protected only by Windows Defender.

2 hours later…
Now it happened to another workstation. Moved to a non-EAM policy. Will move the 3rd and last one to that policy too.

Since I got zero response from staff to help me with this…
I removed EAM from all endpoints via policy (after hours). Let them run with Defender only. EAM Portal prompted me to keep or delete these EPs from their portal. I deleted them. I rebooted all EPs.

Later than evening I applied a Syncro policy including EAM. I ran my script to apply the EAM installation token an hour after I switched policies (standard practice here).

I checked back later. Syncro showed all EPs having EAM fully operational. EAM Portal now had 3 licenses used of 3 and showed all EPs a (Protected).

So, once again, this was a issue cased by the integration failing to communicate licensing properly.

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Hi John, those were good steps! Thank you for sharing them. Apologies we didn’t get to this sooner. You can always call us at 856-579-6276 or send in a ticket to if you need help right away. I’m glad to see they are applied properly now.