Let's talk about PSA/remote access backup, redundancy, contingency planning

This has been a rough 24 hours – more for some than me. I’m inspired by a post of FB by Jamie Patch and a comment by Nick Ellermann to discuss how to plan for the next time that Syncro is down or data is lost.

There were two things that helped me today:

  1. Having access to my help@morristechteam.com Inbox, which creates tickets (or appends).

  2. When we create a Private Note, it emails that to mttadmin@morristechteam.com, another shared mailbox:

  3. We have a bunch of email notifications (like when a ticket is created from any source). This could be set up to go to a “SYNCROalerts@morristechteam.com” for many things happen. This is the notification center:

-We pay for GoToAssist, so we could use that if the client is available. Quick Assist is also built into Windows.
-We have no way in without a person on the other end if Syncro is down.


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We are investigating implementing something like Domotz. What concerns me most is not know what is not alerting as that is what we are paid to do.

We had a TEAMS group that allowed us to go back and review what had come in. Being East Coast US we were relatively lucky.

We had to recreate a bunch of tickets and manually create some recurring tickets but we were in a much better place than APAC. Biggest issue was we had a client offline that did not raise an alert when the customer called it was “I thought you monitored this stuff”

The outage sucks no question I think the data rollback was what hurt most people.

We use Domotz at a few sites – it does do a great job of alerting on devices that go down (with an on-site hardware agent). You can set it to create tickets in Syncro and/or other channels at the same time.

Here is a presentation Andy, along with Domotz folks, did yesterday about their new Asset Sync: Domotz + Syncro Integration 2.0 - Domotz - YouTube

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I would say do the Dropbox integration but when I attempted to link it, I get a 500 error lol. This would backup your tickets and invoices. For remote, we have Splashtop SOS Unlimited, so we can still get in to systems. I also have access to our support mailbox, so I was able to just reforward tickets over after the restore.

Well that’s interesting:

Let’s see if anyone can get that working!

Stuff like this used to be more stressful. I always wanted to appear 100% to our clients, but truth is, even our systems have issues. It’s no big deal to tell them that your vendor goofed up and has to rollback an update. They understand we all rely on “the cloud” as much as they do. The other is the ones that will call right as their internet go down and ask the same question. I politely remind them that there’s always a delay in monitoring to avoid false positives. Generally 1-2 minutes is when we get notified.

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That is basically our approach none of our clients have the budget of a Microsoft who ha/ daily outages on some level with Office 365. Not fun conversations but our people “get it”

Crossposting here a bit, but we need a OneDrive integration (rather than Dropbox) for backing up tickets and invoices to our M365 please. Given the situation yesterday, not sure this is a “Feature” any more, but a requirement.


I would also like to see OneDrive available for backups and automation functioning.


Hey Brian, just curious what you thought of the new updates with asset syncing that Domotz added to the Syncro integration.

The new Domotz asset sync seems pretty cool. I’m going to enable on a site and post here with the results. I currently have that site set to create a ticket any time a new device connects to their secure VLAN using the Domotz integration.

Cool please update me on how that goes. After seeing what they did with 2.0, that has easily become one of the cooler integrations from my perspective. It was super slick.

I currently have my Syncro account integrated with Microsoft 365. Is there a place where I can see all Sent emails from Syncro tickets? Here my config:

My first experience here:


You get some email logging in Reports > Email and SMS but there isn’t a full log outside of what you see in Tickets.

Is there any setting to send a copy of all outgoing ticket emails to an internal email address?

That is exactly how mine is setup and I assumed that is how it had to work. We have a support@ user account on our 365 setup. All incoming emails go into that mailbox and Syncro “reads” them from there.

When we (or Syncro automation) sends out a reply, either the automated notifications or our replies inside tickets, that correspondence gets saved in the “Sent Items” of that support@ 365 mailbox.

Is that what you are looking for?

If you are using a mailbox with M365, it’s in the sent items. You can create a transport rule to always CC an address, I did this for a government entity so they could archive all their sent emails.

When someone sends to help@morristechteam.com, it goes into the M365 shared Inbox and creates a ticket.

When I send a ticket email, here is what the header looks like – it comes from syncroemail.com, not Microsoft’s servers:

This is a downfall of using a shared mailbox. In order to send from Microsoft, you must check the Use your own SMTP server box, then fill in the info for M365 SMTP and have it authenticate to an actual mailbox. It’s worth the $5 a month IMO.