Legacy SMTP on O365 will stop working soon

How is Syncro responding?
Will you implement OAUT2?

If you read through the article, it says that SMTP Auth is not being deprecated (at least not yet). Microsoft doesn’t consider it legacy since so many devices (like scanners) still need it.

Hi Neil,
we do understand that it will not happen within the next few day. However, it is an issue - yesterday MS deactivated legacyAuth for all mailboxes and we were forced to reactivate (which still is possible).
One day that will not be an option for it. And we dont want to wait until the day comes where MS shuts the service down and then we are in a hurry to find alternatives.
That’s the good think about notifications like the one from MS - we can prepare and plan…:slight_smile:

And also from a security point of view we should move from basic auth. We tell all our clients to use MFA and implent any kind of security models and at the other end we do use basic auth to send support emails.

Shouldn’t we act as a role-model? :slight_smile:

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Here some updates on the topic.

I am wondering if Syncro did address this topic - is there any info about it?

Basic Authentication Deprecation in Exchange Online – September 2022 Update - Microsoft Tech Community