Leads Module

The Leads module is the place for inbound communication that is not directly associated with a ticket, estimate or invoice.

What it Does

Funnels unassociated inbound traffic to a single place for you to read emails, to filter new customers, existing customer messages and tickets being sent to your Mailbox or from your website.

What it Doesn't Do

Transition directly from Lead to Estimate (you must go from Lead to Ticket, then to Estimate).

Table of Contents

Set Up
Lead Details screen

Set Up

If you do not see a Leads tab, you need to enable the Leads Module.

  1. Go to Admin > Leads - Preferences.
  2. Check the Enable Leads Module box.
  3. Click Save.

See our Leads Settings article for more details about this screen.


Click the Leads tab. This takes you to the Leads page that shows a list of all active Leads that are not won or lost by default. You have the option to filter by specific statuses or assigned techs.

You can click on the "Lead Details" section to then go into the Lead and view more information about it:

You can also click on "Kiosk Mode" to open up the Kiosk Mode that will create brand new Leads. This mode is designed for the Customer to use, and so you can put this on an iPad as a kiosk or even send this link to your Customers via email so they can create a Lead from home:

Convert Lead into a Customer and/or Ticket - Lead Details screen

When an existing customer sends in a Lead, the system will match up the sent data such as the email address and phone number with an existing customer in your system. If the data does not match any customer in your system, you can create a new Customer directly from the Lead. First click into it to view the Lead Details, then you can see the customer details on the left side:

You can click on "Create Customer" to create a brand new Customer in Syncro. If you plan on also converting the Lead into a Ticket for that Customer you can save a few clicks by clicking on "Create Customer & Ticket". Once that's done navigate to the Ticket tab to see the Ticket for that new Customer.