Last updated ticket alerts

Is there a way to edit the last update alerts? For example if we have a ticket that is low priority that or that we are waiting for parts for won’t continue to alert until a certain amount of days that we specify?

Hi @wnorem welcome to the community! Correct me if I’m wrong but can this be done with ticket automations/conditions?

Take a peek at this KB and let me know if this is what your after: Ticket Automations

See and that was my thought too. So I have been looking there. I mean I could be missing something but I have not found anything to be able to edit the settings of the last updated field.

What is the “last update alert” you are referring to? I want to be sure I know which you are talking about.

Screenshot 2022-08-26 162934
This image references the last updated area im talking about its when you look at your tickets

Ok, so you are saying you just want to basically fake those so they don’t look so large when something is in a pending state that is no fault of your own, like waiting on hardware or something?

Right. Like if its waiting for parts or honestly if its something minor and of low priority that is more of a get to it when you can type of thing. I honestly don’t even know if this is something that could be edited.

You can if I am understanding you correctly. You could have a daily Ticket Automation that handles this. You could say under the conditions if Ticket Status is X, and there has been no update to the ticket in 24 hours, then the action could be “Update Ticket” which I should update the last updated time. I haven’t tried it but that should work. Give that a try and let me know if that does what you want.

Okay. That did update it and reset the update counter. 1. am I going to have to do this every so often to keep it from showing the bright colors or can I disable the bright colors atleast on this?

No way to disable the colors, but Automations run every hour so you can set it to run every 6 or 12 hours or whatever and then I don’t think you’ll see any bright colors for those types of tickets.

You could make a ticket automation for Waiting for Parts that if no update in 24 hours, then add a ticket note. That would change the Last Updated field.