Labor Rate Report

We would like the labor rate used to log a time entry added to the Tech Hours Report (ideally) or have its own report. This would help us track where/how our engineers are spending their time (remote, onsite, after-hours, etc).


Agreed. We’ve asked for this for a number of years. It’s known as a utilization report and one of the key reporting metrics to understand the solvency of any particular tech so vital for small operations and middle managers.

It needs to be labor logged/time entered in the time clock. It should have a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly scope. Pending charges should show distinct from finalized charges on invoices. We use a stacked bar graph for this.

It helps identify short-term and long-term problems between working on a problem and the value derived from it for the company as a whole.


Here’s a longer thread on this:

Employee Utilization Report - Feature Requests - Syncro Support Community (

We’ve been asking for this for over a year. Still waiting.

Just wanting to give this a +1, I’m trying to find out how many remote vs onsite hours were spent with a customer last year and I can’t find any report that gives this in a breakdown.