Label Windows 10 Versions Properly in System Properties

Can we please get a new field added to the System Information, Operating System section of an asset so we can do native searches for assets?

This needs to say Windows 10 Display Version.

Microsoft has changed how they label version of Windows 10. Instead of 1909, etc, they are now 20H2, etc. If you look at your current label that says OS release version, any asset that is up to date will say 1909. The problem is that is the last thing it will ever say because they are not updating that anymore, so it is pointless to have it in the asset.

Instead, we need to be able to see the Display Version, which can be found under the following registry key:

“HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion”).DisplayVersion

This should be a simple change on your side, to check that for the version, and then display it in the system properties. This way, we can have up to date information.

For now, I have a script that updates a custom asset field with that information, but then I have to rely on the script running something that should just be natively supported in the agent.

We need this to be able to search for outdated assets by looking at the os version field, so we can ensure assets don’t go too long without being updated.


I requested this back in Feb, and it is still not resolved. Can we get someone to look at this please? How hard is it to pull data from a different location?

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2 weeks and still no response. Are you guys even looking at this?

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This would be consider a bug - did you report it to support yet?

I have emailed and posted here. Nothing seems to help. I don’t think they care.

Keep in mind that it would take some time: Notice its a real bug → Change Code → Test → Fix → Apply For Change → Major Test → Deploy out slowly → Deploy for everyone. That could take very well more than a few weeks.

Just throwing this in the pot as well: Client doesnt seem to be getting the motherboard name all the time. I know its also a bug in whatever field it is reading from more noticeable on custom builds vs oem devices. systeminfotab → HARDWARE → Name → Base Board

I notice they do fix bugs like these pretty constantly - so I am sure its more of a time factor + everything else going on type thing. Ill chime in though agree both issues should get fix please:)

As for your bug, I do see it correct under a few of our assets: systeminfotab → OPERATING SYSTEM → OS Release Version → 21H1 or even 20H2

Its possible you might have a few machine stuck on 1909 as that was possible to happen with windows patching getting corrupted during a few bad updates. The only fix was to force update to one of the newer build releases (and yes, it would show there was no more updates - yet still be on a older build release).

Now you have me on the idea - it would be good idea to have some type of script on the look out for that. I can’t say it happen often enough, but I do remember a few clients over my years that did have an issue like that if I didnt manually spotted could’ve been a problem.