Keyboard shortcut to access search at top of page

Using html5 attribute accesskey=“s” gives the ability to press alt+s or shift+alt+s on most modern browsers to access the search area. Have tested on google chrome. Would be a huge time saver instead of needing to scroll to the top of the page every time that we want to search for something


I’d like to see a shortcut for search as well.

I’ve grown quite fond of how Confluence over-rides the / key to bring focus to the search box. It only does this when no input fields are selected, so it’s pretty good at not breaking the page experience. It’s a bit quicker than a CTRL or ALT combination. Any shortcut key will be better than nothing for Syncro though.

Yeah, I’d be happy with the / key method. One of the tech guys were showing me IT Glue and how it works with the / key.