KB5009557, KB5009624 not showing up under Windows Patches for any of my servers

Hi all,

I have a policy that installs WinUpdates and reboots on Thursday nights, a couple of days delay I’m super happy I have this month! I have removed the policy until MS gets things together.

I do have another policy that installs Security and Definition updates nightly. This is still active hence my questions below:

So, I was going through my Windows Patches list and I’m not seeing the two KBs on any of my servers? It’s not listed as installed or ready to be installed. (Note: I have one WinServer 2012R2 and the rest are 2019).

First question: Why am I not seeing these?
Second question: Since I can’t see them, I’m wondering what Category they are under in Syncro? I want to make sure they don’t suddenly appear and get installed.


Not sure on why they aren’t being seen, it usually syncs with the full sync. I haven’t seen any confirmation that they have been pulled yet. I actually just spot checked around 10 servers, not seeing the updates anymore either. I have seen these patches listed as SecurityUpdate and Upgrades(this category doesn’t exist in policies).

Hi @jn1

I’ve had a look and seen similar reports. At times specific kinds of updates can’t be ‘discovered’ over Microsoft’s API. Eventually, Microsoft alters the state of the feature update and our agent will pick them up and push out as expected.

If you’d like to roll this out sooner, then the only option would be to manually push this update out on endpoints at this time.

It’s possible to install all other available windows update by using this script https://[Insert Subdomain Here].syncromsp.com/shared_scripts

If you are still seeing issues, we’d be happy to dig deeper, please send us more details by creating a Support ticket.