Just One Invoice Not Syncing to QBO

Anyone know why just one invoice might not sync to QBO when all the others are syncing just fine?

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Do you know how to find the QBO sync error report? Share the full error.

There is no error in the QBO error report. It simply just doesn’t move over to QBO, while others before and after it go immediately. Weird.

Is there a unique sync error report other than the QB errors list under Status Dashboard? If so, not sure where to look for a strictly “sync” error list.

Try to clone that invoice — see if it syncs then. If so, delete the bad one.

Clone didn’t go. ;-(
I tried deleting and re-building the invoice four times. Checked mapping of customer name/info with QBO. Nothing apparent that’s causing the issue.

Hi mgustafson, which invoice number are you attempting to sync?

Trying to sync #50022

Thank you! It looks like the customer isn’t mapped. You can map it and then resync. If you open the Customer that the invoice is for, you’ll find the ‘Accounting’ button on the right. Click ‘View QB’

It may be able to find the customer automatically, and will list it in the search result then you can click ‘Map to this’

If it doesn’t then you’ll want to use the Name field to search for the customer. If this is a first, last name instead of a business name then try searching with a comma.

It looks like it did find the right customer for you so go ahead and map it. Then resync the invoice and it should go over.

Thank you. This worked. :wink:

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Thanks for trying to assist. See below for how it was resolved.

Alexandra, sorry to hitch another question here, but can you tell me if a refund invoice in Syncro should be syncing to QBO? I generated a refund for a client, but the invoice that issues the refund hasn’t synced over to QBO, so QBO isn’t going to know to unwind that payment. ??

Good question! Refunds don’t automatically sync so you’d want to manually adjust the invoice in QBO.

Thanks. I’ll let the acct. know.