Its confirmed. WebUIs are a waste of time

At the bottom of this link is a calculator to tell you how much of your life has been wasted waiting for web pages.
How much time do we waste waiting for websites to load? (

If only I could have a desktop UI of Syncro

I can promise - its much cheaper to produce Web code than it is to produce stand alone code. Time wise, it also takes much more time to produce desktop code than it is to produce website code. Same goes for mobile applications as well. As most if not all devices can connect to a webserver and then make use of said code vs having to split products - and more complex ability cross a number of different areas a user may or may not use during their task.

Also something this article doesn’t really understand is you can muilti task web pages. Meaning, if I know a task might take a bit of time, I might let a page load while I work on two other task at the same time. Clicking to load up 3-4 pages of the same work for example.

Admitly it was a bit of a tongue and cheek title I used. :slight_smile: :wink: merely a chat topic.
No doubt next week there will be a different article claiming the opposite.

Personaly, as a user I prefer desktop UIs over web UIs.
Others will take a different view and that is ok. TIMTOWTDI

Though it appears that Microsoft seem to me to agree, given their continued investment in Desktop Apps. Otherwise Desktop versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, Visio, Project etc wouldn’t exist anymore, or at least Microsoft’s Web versions would be superior to the Desktop versions (and they are not).

BTW: I’ve programmed Web UIs, LAMP stacks etc, JQuery, etc, tried a few others too, and I’m not a fan.

I figure! No worries:)

Yes to some level a desktop apps has the ability to be better than a web only, but at that stage its because of other factors. For example, having to be online to do the work. That is where desktops apps are going to be better just because they wont really need the internet for doing their task. Also, there are hard limits in what you can do with webui than you don’t have with desktop ui either.

There are a lot of apps and programs that are also web ui display over so they look as part of a desktop ui as well.

On the flip side, long as the user can do their work, we’ve seen a reduction of issues across all our clients that have turn to web base applications. All the problems of a single desktop goes down to user error or network error vs the countless hours they do loose if we have to fix their issue every time.

In this brave new world of things like electron apps🤮, and w/e Microsoft was calling their store apps, you can have the worst of both worlds in an installed application!!

There are some odd things that work differently in the desktop Outlook app vs the Web version, but overall using OWA as faster and less prone to locking up than installed outlook.

But a proper thick client that can respond in milliseconds and load up whatever you want to look at nearly instantly… I do love those kinds of apps, though as soon as you start needing to get data from all over the internet you’ve got data transfer, and speed of light limitations that will slow down the best thick client.