IT Glue sync contacts for companies

IT Glue supports many PSA platforms and allows for Contact Sync into IT Glue which I really hope is added to SyncroMSP API integration as this will have to be done manually and many managed Helpdesks use IT Glue for managing the users and keeping notes on each user.

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a complete overhaul of the ITG sync would be great, unfortunately I believe the Sync was created by ITG so Syncro would have to start from scratch to build a proper sync that was actually good.

The IT Glue sync is very weak, and we have seen no benefit yet. IT Glue integration is very critical. Improving IT Glue integration would boost their capability and market share.

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We use ITG and we set it up to Sync O365 contacts/licenses. Would love, love for ITG to sync contacts into Syncro Contacts or even vise versa. This would be so beneficial on so many levels. We use the Syncro Contacts to assign assets to as well as SplashTop needs a contact assigned to an asset in order provide the user remote access.

Yes this would be awesome to have

IT Glue sync is very lacking compared to other PSA / RMM platforms. The PSA is the one source of truth and the fact that you can’t sync that data with the platform your technicians work out of the most (IT Glue) is a huge issue. It causes a big inefficiency in our workflow. At the very least we need contact and ticket sync. I’m hoping this gets some traction soon.

This request needs to be made to ITG. ITG is the one that created the integration, not Syncro, but they only did the RMM side and didn’t do the full PSA side.