Issues with Tax synchronizing

Anyone else having issues with invoices and payments not syncing correctly to Quickbooks Online? We generate invoices and take payments in Syncro. In the past year we had to add 2 tax rates since they added local county taxes. At some point Quickbooks started showing the tax rate “based on location” instead of the tax rate that is set on the Syncro side. This ultimately makes the tax $0 on every invoice in Quickbooks since Syncro does not sync the customer’s address to the shipping address in Quickbooks. This is causing the payments not to apply fully in quickbooks and is completely throwing off our accounts receivable on our P&L.

YES, this happened last month. I opened a ticket on it with support but closed it. I think it was an update in QBO but I’m not certain. Look closely because I also found it to actually be duplicating companies in QBO. For some reason the check between Syncro and QBO was by company name, not phone number. I had a few accounts with discrepancies in the name like “Inc.” with or without punctuation. It created a new QBO company with the wrong tax settings.

This has been a PITA for us. We started using Quoter to help our new sales and to avoid extra licenses for commission only sales peeps/partners… QBO has now become a mess. We turned off estimates in Syncro (my god the duplications we saw), then suddenly we are now getting 2 generated invoices in QBO for approved quotes, one from Syncro and one from Quoter. Honestly, Quoter does it better from properly syncing Stripe subscription products to not having weird cases of invoices showing massive discrepancies with Tax rates to line items where it will try to pull in the Syncro price but not cost, creating negative entries. Honestly, it’s a mess. We basically gave up and got referred to an IT specified bookkeeping service (prior CPA just couldn’t handle it either) via TTT. However, we now have to file late on Tuesday. Fun stuff. The firm specializes in AutoTask and quite honestly, we’re considering switching at this point. Paying $400+ a month on a platform that doesn’t have response times and given our focus isn’t completely MSP-only (not enough endpoints to justify $400+). Been with Syncro for 2+ years and the price increases + lack of ‘non RMM users’ and other nuances like broken Toggl plugin, poor QBO integration, ‘Quoter’ integration which all seem half-baked at best. Sorry for going a little off topic but the lack of documentation and support is hurting us. If our new bookkeeping company can help fix it, that would be amazing, but it’s not looking so good especially since we have companies that also get billed via WHMCS (web hosting) and that’s a whole different issue. Best of luck!

Hi Matthew, it looks and sounds like you are attempting to have the tax rates based on location. This would mean you have a location-based tax lookup configured in QBO. Unfortunately, this will not sync properly and is currently expected behavior. We do have this on our feature request list.

Hi WRLD! I checked your domain for open tickets and don’t see any currently open. It looks like there are a few different issues here. There may be some limitations with integrations, but we can let you know. As to not hijack this thread away from the original topic, if you’d like to send in a ticket to we’ll work through these together. I’d be interested to hear what you’d like more documentation on as well, I’m all for more documentation!