Issues with portal user access

I am finding that when you create a remote user contact and that user sets up their account, they can then only use that browser from that point on. I have created a test user with remote access enabled and tested with an initial browser. I am able to sign in, and remote into the test device. When I sign out and then attempt to sign in using a different browser on the same workstation, it will not let me sign in. Is this a known issue or a something to do with security on syncro’s side? Would anyone else be willing to test a portal user account and try using multiple browsers/workstations?

Hi Andrew,

I’d be down to help test that! When you try logging in from another browser, what does it tell you? Is there an error or does it just redirect you back to the login page? Then if you have any users that have MFA but no remote access, is the same thing happening here? If you don’t have users that fit those criteria I can test on my end as well.

We tested by creating a user, setting up mfa and then signing in which works. Then try opening a seperate browser and signing in there. You will then be met with the “invalid email/password” message. The only way to resolve it is to delete the contact and restart the whole process. I can create a test user and try the mfa without remote as well.

I’m also having this issue, was there any resolution to this?

Users are able to setup their accounts and login initially, however when attempting to login again they’re met with a username/password invalid message.

I’m currently trialling this software and without the ability to allow remote access, this is a deal breaker for me. Having to delete and recreate the user account is not a practical solution.

Hi Andrew, I had been working on a reproduction but I have to resolve some things with my VM, or spin up a new one. Can you send in a ticket to Since this will take some testing we’ll want to make sure it’s tracked all the way through resolution.

Hi @andrew.henley

I see that you created a support ticket and it was suggested to test this, using the Customer Online Profile link (under Customer Information on the Customer detail page) to Login.