Issue with Agent After System Imaging

I have system 01 and system 06.
System 06 crashed and I had to install a new hard drive.
I had to use an image from system 01 to restore to system 06.
Changed the name of system 06 but it is having a hard time now with the Syncro agent. Even if I uninstall both agents and then re-install, it thinks they are on system 01 no matter what.

Not sure how to correct this.

You can use the uninstall script Install a Syncro Agent on a Device but the important bit is deleting the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\RepairTech\Syncro\uuid which is the unique identifier for the machine.

Thank you for the response!

I checked the registry and the RepairTech folder was there but nothing deeper than that. I ran the Bat file and it completed but, per the log, there was really nothing done because it could not find anything running to terminate or to remove.

I am going to try to re-install the agent in the morning to see if it still is identifying as the wrong asset.

Unfortunately no luck. Was hoping Syncro would chime in but I guess I will submit a support ticket.