Is there a way to upload many powershell scripts at once?

I have a bunch of powershell scripts I want to upload, but it looks like I’d have to create them one by one. Is there a better way?

No. If they’re common scripts (say cyberdrain), you may find them in the library and easily import them that way which can save some clicks if there’s variables involved. I’m not sure a batch import would help much anyway, you still need to edit the properties appropriately, add any Syncro integrations/variables, give it a nice name and maybe category.

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Even if you could, there wouldn’t be a good way to really “add” them in if they require different variables and settings.

Syncro needs to publish a way to import/export our scripts with those variables.

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The way this is handled in other systems, they export as XML files and then you import them. It’s doable, even with variables, the only issue would be files, but it could use zip files for that.

I’d love to see this handled in some way that we could link a Github Repo, for all of our scripts. This of course is somewhere down the list of wants from being able to sign scripts so they could be trusted on endpoints instead of making large blanking “allow Syncro to execute random stuff as system” rules in security products.

There is a Feature Request for this.
Scripting integrated with Git Hub - Feature Requests - Syncro Support Community (

Which was lodged during this discussion.
Backup / save / export scripts using API? - Scripting & APIs / API - Syncro Support Community (