Is there a way to automate creating a customer ticket for a repetitive daily task\request

Is there a way to automate creating a customer ticket for a repetitive daily task\request?
For instance, we are tasked with mapping a drive to a third-party platform when it breaks (service requested approximately three times a day) and it typically takes more time to create the ticket than to resolve the issue. If we could create the ticket with all common-to-all-ticket fields filled out, then right-click and “Save as Ticket Template.” We are then provided a way to open the ticket fields in place, fill out where manual input is required and then close/resolve ticket. I’m having trouble finding ways to auto-create service requests in this way as most seek to help with invoices and the like, rather than the internal ticket. My inability to articulate my needs clearly in searches may be a big partr of my problem, so I’ve done the best I can to describe it here. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated and you may also consider making this a simpler task a feature request :slight_smile:

I don’t think Syncro has true templates like you’re describing.

Maybe create a recurring ticket, pause the schedule, and then just go there and click “run now” when needed? It’s a few extra steps but it may still save you some time.

Excellent suggestion. I think that will do the trick :smile:

Not sure on the specifics of this, but could you create a script to run a check on the mapped drive and if it’s missing then create an alert, then have automated remediation open a ticket (and possibly map the drive for you so it’s totally hands off)?