Invoicing for Project work vs Managed Services

Hello All,

I’m trying to solve an invoicing problem I’m having with Syncro and Invoicing.
I have two recurring invoices set up for each client. One is the monthly bill for their managed services, licenses, etc. that automatically gets paid via ACH or credit card. That one works great. The problem is with the second invoice that gets generated for project/out-of-scope work. I’ve created a contract for each of my managed service clients that changes the “hourly rate” to $0/hr, and I have a separate rate for project work. I then have the recurring invoice for projects set to “Add any pending Ticket charges”, the problem is that the invoices get generated with a bunch of $0 line items for each of the in-scope tickets.
Has anyone else had this problem and solved it?

I don’t have anything like this setup, but perhaps could you change your recurring invoice template to only look at certain ticket status, so you could keep you could close your projects/oos with a status of “Resolved - Project” or w/e and then that second template will only pick up those?

Yes. Unfortunately Syncro doesn’t handle projects well.

Simple answer - don’t do it. Don’t “add any pending ticket charges”. Invoice the tickets individually. I would think a workaround is creating a blank invoice and add all of the project time one by one, but Syncro doesn’t show any details for the time, making it impossible to do so.

I too, seem to have a similar issue; need a lot of polishing up it seems in the contract/SLA/prepay/rates/recurring/ticket charges and hours involved in all of those,.

Need the contract set for X amount of prepay hours each/month (some are remote, some are on-site). If it goes beyond that, I would like it to start billing in Y amount of increments (30 minute intervals with an 1 hour minimum per-day).

Not everything’s perfect, I suppose, but this would help me with billing, and capacity to hire another technician, which would generate more subscriptions with Syncro… just sayin’. .