Invoicing for backups

Is there a way to map the backup line item to a product?

I use the Line item type “Backup” to invoicing. This adds a line item with Backup in the Item column. When the invoice is sent to QuickBooks Online, it uses “Used Parts:Backup” for the item.

If I had a way to manually map the Syncro line item to the QBO item I can fix the problem.

As aside note: Late Fees behave in the same manner.

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I have the same question, just using Xero instead.

You should be able to match up to a product if you edit the product in Syncro. Go to products and services, find your line item, edit, and look for the box that says match to QuickBooks item. I believe if you already have the integration set up, just type your item that you want it to match to in QuickBooks and then save. It should show you results as you type.

Unless I’m totally missing the point here, that should solve your problem.

Late fees as well I believe.

A little more clarity… The is no item in Syncro to map to QB. I created a product called ‘Backup’ but the automated syncro billing for backup did not map to it.

There is a setting in the QB Integration called: Default QuickBooks Product (falls back to this for non-inventory parts for example)
I have this setting set to Used Parts:Backup. This has been used for several line items where there were problems with the products between Syncro & QB. I created an item In QB called ‘Unknown Item’ changed the setting the ‘Unknown Item’. This will separate the problems so I can gather a report of the problems in QuickBooks.

Side note: Syncro reporting is greatly lacking in the ability to help research. You can’t, for example, create a report for an item to see all the activity for that item. I have submitted a feature request but I don’t think it will happen anytime soon.


You’re not missing the point. What’s missing is the product in Syncro. It’s not in the product list and, therefore cannot be mapped to QB.

Oh, I see now. Probably because it’s a hard coded product that they provide. I’m not sure if there is a place in the admin section to change the mapping. If it was it would be under the QuickBooks settings or the backup settings under admin.

Hopefully someone from Syncro can chime in and offer some help.

The Backup item doesn’t exist in the inventory system so there wouldn’t be a way to map it to a QB product. It’s a hardcoded item that generates on recurring invoices. I expect it uses the Default Product, which is for any items that are unmapped. That default product is under the Quickbooks App Card > Settings Link > Default Product field. I’ll bring this up to the Backup team since it would be nice to map those if we can create a way to do it.

Hey Jim, so this was an oversight on my part when I was speccing out the backup platform. All of our recurring invoice line items have the ability to be mapped to an existing product in Syncro, which then of course syncs over to QBO as you’d expect. With Backups this field was missed. I can confirm I’m going to get this added for you, but I can’t confirm an ETA. It might be a little while, but it will happen.

Sorry about the oversight there.

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Thank you!:ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Thanks for the response, Andy.

The Late Fees in Syncro behave in the the same manner - no item to map to QuickBooks. Maybe you could fix that as well.


That one works a bit differently since it’s not part of those recurring invoice line items, at least not using the same methodology. I’d add that one as a separate feature request because that would have to be handled on its own.

OK. Do I need to submit the feature request for the late fee issue?

I would ask to have two additional items added to the QB integration Setting. It would be simple to add entries for “QuickBooks item for Backup” and “QuickBooks item for Late fees” with the same ability to select the product as the “Default QuickBooks Product (falls back to this for non-inventory parts for example)”.

I have attached a screen-shot of the QB settings for you.

For backups, once I get that resolved it could be assigned to any product. Since the late fee works differently, yeah I’d submit a feature request for that one.