Invoices not syncing

Having some issues with Quickbooks sync and the response from support was pretty frustrating. I have an invoice that says it cannot sync because of a duplicate invoice number in quickbooks. The problem is the invoice number does not exist in Quickbooks. Seems more like a bug and Syncro supports response is to change the invoice number in Syncro to the next possible number. This is frustrating because it just creates even more of a mess as all of a sudden, we now have gaps in invoice numbering.

I see this as a QB issue. They use the API to send stuff to QB and QB is telling Syncro that the invoice exist and doesn’t match the record ID of the invoice in Syncro, so it can’t update or create it. If you don’t want to change the invoice number, then your best bet would be to contact Intuit to get them to see if they can find that invoice number somewhere. You could try creating an invoice in QB, then changing the invoice number to that one and see if it will let you. If not, then that is more of an indication that the record exist somewhere. If it does, then not sure what to tell you, blame technology? lol

The invoice number is no where else. When I switched to Syncro my invoice numbers was only in the 3000’s and I switched to the 7000’s intentionally and have had no issues. No matter what invoice number I change to Syncro gets the same result so not its not a quickbooks issue. An advanced search of Quickbooks specifically about invoice numbers brings back no results. So I disagree and see no evidence to support your position.

You didn’t mention initially that you tried their fix of changing the invoice number and it failed, only that you were frustrated that this was the solution. If that’s the case, then hopefully Support will get you situated. As I stated, Syncro is getting an API response back from QB saying the number is already in use. If you do some Google searches, you’ll see QB API + duplicate invoice number error isn’t specific to Syncro. You said it was only affecting that one invoice, you could try deleting it and recreating it.

So just got off the phone with support and they also cannot understand why. Syncro when it tries to send the invoice cannot detect that the invoice does not already exist and for some reason thinks it does even though no transaction in QuickBooks exists with the same invoice number. This is not affecting another customer in Syncro and cannot sync over so definitely looks like a bug. I hope they can figure it out quick.

The whole syncro API integration with QuickBooks is poorly designed. Other PSA solutions handle this correctly and why they do not have the same problems!

Both Autotask and ConnectWise allow QuickBooks to assign the invoice number in the PSA overwriting the invoice number generated in the PSA. This is a better solution as many people still create invoices outside of the PSA in QuickBooks. By allowing QuickBooks to manage this we are able to better control the invoicing and prevent scenarios where duplicate invoices can create problems.

We used CW+QBD previously. The invoice number we set in CW was the same invoice number that synced to QBD, which is the behavior I see in Syncro, only difference is Syncro doesn’t allow prefixes. The sync exported Invoices/Expenses/Products and only imported payments, nothing else from QBD. We also had a sales person that exclusively used QBD. We set prefixes so that they couldn’t overlap. CW does not have a direct integration with QBO, it uses third parties, so we never ventured with them. They would be handling it through CW API and QBO API to complete the syncs. We switched to Syncro+QBO and yeah there’s some issues, but all ours have been benign errors that don’t affect anything. We set a prefix in QBO on invoices so that we won’t ever have overlap from Syncro invoices.

As far as I have seen there is no way to set a prefix in QBO that is permanent so you must manually edit the invoice number every time you create an invoice in Quickbooks. This creates a potential for human error. If you set the prefix on an invoice but then Syncro creates a new invoice then Quickbooks will revert to the next invoice number based on Syncro’s numbeing. This is a bad design.

When I used CW which was a long time ago I was able to get the QB invoice numbering. And when I recently used Autotask I was also able to do this. Not once did I have issues with CW or Autotask but I am repeatedly having issues with Syncro. And the fact that they cannot figure it out is bad as they are not using proper logic to deduce that the invoice does not exist in QB as it does not yet Syncro still thinks it does.

Ours stayed once I set the prefix. I basically used these instructions, ran the first invoice to make sure it followed it, then disabled the custom transaction numbers after. I noticed if I set it and then disabled it without running an invoice, it didn’t remember the prefix, but as long as you have one, it will keep going. No issue with it the prefix disappearing with Syncro. I think if you leave on the custom transaction numbers, then that might be causing it to revert, I vaguely remember that during testing. How do I change the starting invoice number in QuickBooks on line. I still want QuickBooks to assign numbers, just don't want them to begin at 1.
You can see a mixture of QB and Syncro invoices playing nicely.

The error you see in Syncro about the invoice is actually an API response from QBO. That’s why Syncro can’t really do anything about it. If the API is telling them that, then there’s nothing they can do to force it to comply. QBO really believes it already exist and is telling Syncro that. Here’s the list of response you may see on invoices, I deal with stale object error all the time and no one has been able to fix it either. Glossary of QuickBooks API Errors

I’ve you been able to solve this? I’m currently trying to invoice out of Quickbooks AND Syncro, as I transition to Syncro probably full time for invoice generation.