Invoices in QBO don't include the 'Invoice Email' contact

I’m generating invoices with Syncro, and pushing them to QBO. I’ve got the ‘Invoice Email’ set to the accountant for a client, but the invoices synced into QBO only show the main customer contact from Syncro.

Any idea how to get the ‘Invoice Email’ to show up within QBO?

That’s a good question, I limp along with the same issue. My guess is that the “invoice email” field doesn’t flow into QBO and you would need to add that in QBO as well for that customer.

Hopefully someone else knows the answer for sure!

The Receive Billing Emails on a contact won’t influence this in QBO because you can have infinite number of contacts enabled to receive emails in Syncro. The Bill To section on an invoice I don’t find particularly useful. I only see that come into play when you do a bulk action on the main invoice screen, it gives you the option to send to the invoice contact. All ours are blank when generated. In case you’re confused, because it is confusing, Syncro is using the Receive Billing Emails checkbox on a contact to send out the emails to, not the Bill To field. So in the end, I don’t think it will sync what you want and will have to do as Brian says and manually update it in QBO.