Invoices Getting our Email Blocked

Hi all,

We use O365 for ourselves and customers. I’ve setup the BYO SMTP service in syncro to send invoices, ticket updates, etc. I’ve added the specified address to an SPF record for our domain as well. The problem is that when our recurring invoices are sent out each month, only a few of them get out before MS marks them all as bulk email and restricts the account from sending any email at all. There are no special policies applied to this user, and we didn’t have this problem with our previous RMM (I believe it behaved in a similar if not exact same way). Is there any way to stagger the invoices being sent or otherwise make sure that mailbox doesnt get locked down anytime I try to run invoices? If I’ve missed anything please let me know.

I’d recommend not using o365. We use mailgun as our smtp and it works great and doesn’t stop because of stuff like that. And it’s free.

O365 requires a lot of things to get Invoices sent out through their services including DKIM and DMARC on top of having the correct SPF records. I had to work with a MS agent for a few weeks to get it to work since Syncro’s Beta support of SMTP is only legacy authentication.

It’s recommended you use a 3rd party service if you want someone in office to handle direct email replies to sent out invoices until such a time as Syncro can update their options for outbound sending or put in place the bypass which is technically making your tenant less secure.

On top of this MS will instate a requirement October 2022 to have MFA required on all end users, so if we don’t see an update to this feature soon, an external bulk emailing vendor who can spoof as a desired email account is probably your best bet.

I look forward to Syncro continuing to develop features and grow to meet our needs :smiley:

Look at SMTP2Go - they are very solid and it works well.


Thanks folks, we ended up going with SMTP2GO, suits our needs very well. Also recently saw some info from MS about bulk email sending as was mentioned, they’re pretty tight with that.