Invoice Templates Customize

I would love to be able to remove the ITEM from certain invoice templates. I don’t want to see vendor part numbers on invoices/estimates, etc. I realize the labor invoices are different and with different rates. However, if we had a {ticket_laboritem} field, that would resolve the issue by putting that into the ticket time entry. It keeps the invoice/estimates cleaner. I was told this wasn’t an option for the US…

This is already possible today. I’ve done it on ours…

Edit Invoice Line Item Columns

Add this style in the source editor:

.invbody-items tr td:first-child {
display: none;

Then delete this in the source editor:

th class=“first”>
div class=“item”>Item

Sorry, can’t figure out how to get the tag through the editor.

If you need any more help, call the support line, they helped me through it…
in a pinch, feel free to reach out to me, too.


Thanks. I was told a while back that the customization was not for US based customers. Glad to see it is possible. Already implemented.