Invoice Synced Payment in Total but Isn't Marked as "Paid"

So I’m using Quickbooks Online and Syncro Invoices. Syncro does a really good job of generating invoices based on agents and other integrations so I want to use it for Invoicing but Quickbooks for taking payments.
Quickbooks Sync’d over a payment, but there was a bad line item on the Invoice that I’ve since removed. Now the Quickbooks Invoice is marked as paid, but the Syncro invoice isn’t being marked as paid. Now what do I do?


  • Sam

Hi Sam! Looks like you have your payment syncs enabled in the Quickbooks Settings, so that is good. This would be the first place I would check.


If this payment was done recently or the change was done recently, give it a bit more time as invoices from QuickBooks only sync once a day (generally in the afternoon, PST)

If it’s not synced by tomorrow let me know which invoice number you’re having trouble with.

Try to remove the application of the payment to that invoice in Syncro, then reapply it.

Also, for future reference, if a QBO payment is applied to multiple invoices (e.g., $1,000 payment for 4 different invoices), that will not sync correctly into Syncro.


If Quickbooks is correctly marked as paid and the only thing that needs to happen in Syncro is to toggle the invoice status to paid, you may be use the Actions/Quick Payment function within the invoice. There is also an option to edit the invoice and select an entry from the Payment Method drop down.

I use the Quick Payment function to clear out open $0 invoices in bulk. I let all other payments sync from Xero, so I can’t really offer any insight on how editing an invoice and adding a payment method will interact with your Quickbooks integration.

I’ve cleared the payment to see if that will help. I’m thinking it will. Since I think that’s the only thing that threw me off was an incorrect line item that still made the invoice outstanding.

If the above doesn’t work, then I’ll try that. I’d like Quickbooks to move the invoice to paid if I can, but “Quick Payment” seems a much different feature than what I had expected given how “Take Payment” had functioned.

Quick payment will mark the invoice as paid, without going through the payment flow. It can be helpful in some cases.

It applies a payment called ‘Quick’ but does not require the invoice to be synced or actually paid through a processor. For reference to anyone who may come across the thread.

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