Invoice line items out of order

Hello. It is incredibly frustrating that invoice line items get out of order once a second page is formed. Why does this happen?!?!?

Hello! We’d love to take a look at that. If you want to grab a screen recording and send it to we’ll investigate further.

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I already edited the items back to the original order (super time consuming!) but it happens EVERY time I have an invoice over 2 pages.

How are you generally adding items in? Are these being added via ‘add all’ or individually with the product search- or does it happen either way?

Both ways. My typical process is to charge labor on the ticket, go to the invoice, refresh & add individually. Page one stays nicely organized until the invoice reaches enough items for a second page and then everything goes crazy lol.

Hmm, I created an invoice with enough items to generate 2 pages, and when I add new items (pending charges, manual item, existing item) it does appear to put it in the order I added it at the bottom of page 2. We may be doing something different though. If you want to grab a video the next time you run into this then send it through in a ticket we can compare our steps.

Hi Alexandra,

So it’s actually Page 1 of the invoice that becomes a disaster, out of order. Page 2 will typically be fine.

Okay, I think I’ve got it. I have 3 products that should be on page 2, but they keep appearing on page 1 when I add a product, then when I go to page 2 they are also there, going back to 1 they are gone again. They keep teleporting around. They do seem to stay in the same order it seems but I’m betting it’s all related. I’ll go ahead and get a ticket started for you and we’ll send this through to development!

Great, thanks so much!! Hopefully you can figure it out! :blush:

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I’m having the exact same issue. I can’t seem to re-order any of the items like I could before.

Thanks Joey, you’ve been linked in.