Invoice Item Ordering Bug

The ordering of invoice items doesn’t seem to be getting stored after they are reordered. If the page is refreshed any changes are reverted.

Hi Brent! Right you are. That looks like a bug, I’ll be starting a ticket for you shortly so we can get that over to development.

I am also noticing all week that invoice items are sorting with newest on top. Is this related to the same bug? I would like them to go back to newest on bottom, or at the very least, my line items that are part of my recurring template should always be on top

My recurring invoice line items are now at the bottom. How do I fix it to where it was at top?

It may be related to the same issue, if you want to send in a ticket to we’ll get you linked in. It does seem like something changed with the ordering.

I’m also affected by this. Please add me to the ticket.

Hi Des, I’ve added you in.

Is there an update on this? It is crazy that we still cannot put invoice items in order.

Hi Brent, there have been changes though I do believe there are some re-ordering issues still. If you want to send in a ticket at and let us know what you’re seeing at this time we’ll take a look at that.

I’ve submitted as ticket 97289.

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