Invoice generated today thinks it's paid, but it wasn't paid

Syncro shows this new invoice as paid. QBO doesn’t show it as paid. It hasn’t been emailed to the client yet, so there’s no way it could have been paid.

Normally I wound’t care, but I need to make an edit to the invoice before I mail it to the client.

How do I fix or ‘un-pay’ the invoice in syncro?

Hi Justin, that’s an interesting one- which invoice number are you looking at?

The culprit is invoice number 5140

On the invoice, under Applied Payments, click the payment date then click the ‘Clear’ button- do this for each payment and the invoice should become unpaid and you can edit the invoice.

That worked for editing the invoice.

Stange enough, there were 3 ‘payments’ towards this invoice. I’m not sure how those all got associated with this invoice.

If you want to send in a ticket to we can investigate that a bit deeper if you like.