Inventory in Estimates

When building an estimate, I often call up items from inventory. The only problem is that you cannot see if the item is in stock or not. I’d like to choose eg switches or laptops that we have in stock , but always have to open another tab and look at inventory items to see this first before selecting the kit. Anyone have any ideas on how to overcome this issue? Perhaps the inventory item can have the number in stock in brackets after the name?

I would really like to see this implemented as I have exactly the same issue. Maybe have an option for only showing in-stock items when searching?

A work around may be to create these inventory items for 'one time use '. This way they would be disabled once out of stock so would not be available on the build estimate page. However, you would still not know how many of these items you have in stock when building the estimate! So not a perfect work around by any means.

Syncro - please help with this - it can’t be more than a small fix surely as it seems like the engineering is already in place…

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