Integrated Splashtop - Splashtop access settings not consistently updating when changing policies

Have a couple of clients with systems using the integrated Splashtop built into Syncro. I have my policies built out as follows:

Client Systems → Windows PCs → Unattended Access

The “client systems” folder has a policy which (among other things) mandates client permission for remote access sessions, the “windows PCs” folder has a policy which doesn’t touch any remote settings (so it should inherit the settings from “client systems”) and then “unattended access” turns off the client permission requirement for systems in it.

Something I’ve noticed lately is the splashtop streamer doesn’t seem to be honoring the client permission setting when changing the folder a system is in. If I move a system from “windows PCs” to “unattended access” it still prompts the end-user to accept a request to connect. Likewise, if I move a system out of “unattended access” and into “windows PCs”, Splashtop just lets me in still with no prompt at all. I know the policy is going into effect because the remote desktop accessed through Background Session does properly work every time.

This seems to be an intermittent issue as it doesn’t happen with every system or every client, even though the policy/folder structures are the same. It also may not affect an endpoint one day and suddenly does the next. Rebooting the endpoint has no effect either and the issue persists.

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?

Hi @andrew11,

The team is working with Splashtop for a fix on this. If you haven’t already done so could you place a ticket with support to be informed when we resolve this issue.