Integrate Life 360

We use like 360 for technician tracking. It would be nice if Syncro could integrate into this. Possibly logging the location of the technician throughout the work day.

Possible entering a private note in a ticket, if the customer address matches the current location of the technician (or within 0.25 miles), and the technician has a scheduled appointment for that ticket on that day in their calendar, stating the technician arrived onsite.

Taking it one step further if a technician leaves a previous appointment, and has another appoint scheduled immediately after, it could log “begin travel to customer location” on the ticket it believes they are heading to. Even if Syncro incorrectly guessed where the technician was going (such as if they didn’t go to the next appointment on their schedule), it would just fail to write the above “arrived” comment. Thus dispatch would know the “beginning travel” is not accurate.