Intake form online?

Does anyone have some kind of way to have customers fill out intake forms online? I don’t mean emailing a PDF. Ideally, once you create a ticket, you get a link for the intake form for the customer to complete.


I use WordPress for my website and I use Contact Form 7 to create forms that allow for this. I also use Conditional Fields for Contact Form 7 plugin so depending on how they answer questions, more options are presented. Then the form is emailed to Syncro ticket email.

Hi @anon22931862

Another consideration is the “Self Service Check-Ins Module Embed Code” Website Integration though this would create another ticket if one is already existing for said customer’s issue. The newly created ticket could be merged into the ticket initially created.
In your specific workflow though, there isn’t a direct method of sending an Intake form link, linked to the specific customer and ticket and have them submit it which would be attached to the ticket created. I’d suggest posting your idea here: Feature Requests & Suggestions - Syncro Support Community where it can be further reviewed and more users can engage and up-vote.

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