Installed Apps List False Reporting

We have a client who was using Norton Secure VPN and we attempted to remove en masse with a poweshell script. The script failed and Syncro still reports the app as installed. When we go to look at the computers, the product is gone. There are still some remants in %localappdata% and in the registry, but is is no longer showing as installed in add/remove programs or in the Apps list.

Question: Where does Syncro get this informaiton from and how can we clear it out?

INB4 - Norton RNR, tried that, no help



Hi @jonathan.collings, if you raise a ticket with support I will have them look into this for you.

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Syncro only updates the Installed Software list on the 6 hours sync. You can do a Force Sync to update it immediately.

@isaacg The Norton Secure VPN has been in the list of installed apps on these machines for a couple weeks for sure. They have sync’d many times since then.

I believe @jonathan.collings was going to create a support ticket per @canden.hicks 's suggestion. Might be good to msg @canden.hicks with that ticket number.

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Found the offending key here:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Norton Secure VPN

Deleted key and re-synced asset, Norton now no longer shows in Syncro.

I always forget about that WOW branch… :crazy_face: