Install more than one agent on a device

We have a business that we work with (they are in the application field) who would also like to use Syncro. Problem is you can only install one copy of Syncro on each device and apparently can’t install another RMM’s agent either. Unsure if this would be possible, but it would be handy if it was not limited to a single agent per device, and Syncro agents from multiple companies could be installed.

I can’t imagine Syncro would ever allow multiple syncro agent. Not sure how that could work. Policies would fight against each other. Same problem with other RMM tools.

Have you considered reselling syncro to them? Just limit customers they have access to.

I hadn’t considered that at all… that’s actually not a bad idea. I do forsee a headache when they want to add a lot of customers that are not linked to me though. Also if they chose to go a different way down the line. I would have to think on it. Thanks!