Install fails on Windows 2012 R2

We have a customer server running Windows 2012 R2. Trying to install the Syncro agent exe file gives error “An error occurred while sending the request.”. Tried the MSI file and get “there was a problem with this windows installer package. a program run as part…”. Tried multiple reboots in between all of this. Server is as updated as can be. Any clues?

The biggest thing it needs is .net 4.8, other than that, haven’t seen too much in way of installation problems. Try running the removal tool and trying again. Can be found at the bottom here: Install a Syncro Agent on a Device

Already had .net48. I did try the removal tool but no dice. The server is exhibiting some weird network issues, in particular relating to root certificate issues. We had to manually apply some registry permissions to fix some CAPI2 4110 errors and were then able to install the agent ok. Thanks for all your suggestions.