Incorrect Tax/VAT handling from Pax8

Does anyone else have problems with how Syncro handles license costs from Pax8?

We use Syncro and Pax8 here in the UK, where we have 20% VAT tax.

I have noticed that the “Price” that is synced from Pax8 is a Net price (ie no tax) which is correct and as I would expect. Tax is always added afterwards on invoices, at least that’s how it works in the UK!

However, Syncro interprets this “Price” as Gross (ie with tax already added). This is backward in my opinion as tax should be added after.

The result of this is that each line item on the Syncro invoices to my customers is 20% less than it should be. Not the best way to run a business and has cost us quite a lot of billing before I noticed!

I have spoken to Pax8 and they are aware of the issue and have a messy workaround to fix this by inflating the costs in Pax8 before syncing to Syncro. Pax8 say they have notified Syncro of the issue, but have not had a fix or any indication of when a fix is likely.

Please, Syncro Developers, fix these issues :pray:

This must be affecting all UK MSPs that use Syncro and Pax8!

If anyone has any workaround in the meantime please share here.

Yes same here. We manually go in and change it.

Glad I spotted this one while trialing, Streamlining CSP purchases is one of the reasons we are testing Syncro. Is there any news on this since your post?

Hi. How are you syncing the pax8 licenses with Syncro?

Hi Erik

For now, I am editing the value that is synced from Pax8 each month. It’s a manual job and a pain but it works.
I simply add the vax to the value in Pax8 during the Sync process and then I get the Gross value in Synco.

No news from Synco or Pax8 on a fix yet !!

Hope that helps.

How do you “order” your products and have it binded?

You will be better speaking with your Pax8 rep about that I think.


Please feel free to post this over here: Feature Requests & Suggestions - Syncro Support Community. These requests are reviewed further and it also allows for more users to engage and up-vote.