Incoming Tickets Via Email and customer link issues

Customer sends an email to an address we have set up. Sender is not automatically associated with an existing customer in Syncro. The Sender is listed as a contact within the customer details. Thats ok - we attempt to change the customer/link the sender from the leads tab but it never works. We have to wait until the ticket is created to then manually set the customer from within the ticket itself. After making this manual change, future leads-to-tickets are correct. Multiple senders from the same company need to be manually corrected.

The flow just seems odd and is wasting a lot of time when each incoming item must be checked manually.

Any ideas?

Check the customer field “Additional Ticket Matching Email Addresses” Add the domain as “

Thank you for the response Gary.

Pardon the newbieness, but where is that checkbox located and will I have to add the customer domain for each existing customer? We currently have 1100 customers in the list…

Thank you


Admin > Email Reading Rules (at the very bottom)

Also in every customer record.