Incentives program

Hi all,

I am about to hire my first employee! Exciting times.

My first employee will be a salesperson. Hopefully in 6 months I can look at getting a full time technician so that I can start focussing on growth.

Currently I am looking at Incentive programs. I am struggling to figure out how to add an Incentive program based on sales within Syncro. I know that you can add a salesperson to a Recurring Invoice. But you cannot add a Salesperson to each line item like you can enter a tech directly to an invoice line item. So my problem calculating commission for upsales of existing contracts.

How do others overcome this? How do you ensure that both your techs and your sales guys are getting the correct commission?

Another option is a Shared Profit model, but this has its own drawbacks. Many businesses deliberately run their business at zero profit to avoid company tax. In this situation no one would get the incentive.

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Yes yes, I too am interested in a affiliate type system, and a better understanding, or upgraded commissions system. Would be nice to have affiliate system for customers, friends, family that I wouldn’t need a full user per month for, but like to help sell our services as a little side hustle for them. Been looking at a strategy to do this, as a team of many that bring in a few haha.

Otherwise, I really need to hunt down the documentation and see what I’m not understanding, as I was making commission numbers on items, but I don’t see any report for just pulling up these commissions… Due to this, we came up with a more traditional style system any how.

My one employee is my main tech assistant, but also the customer support / sales role. So to help with his pay, I had my friend consult on setting up a commissions structure. After checking out the syncro system, realizing it wasn’t showing me the SPIFFS made per items sold, we went with the commissions report. Using this, I developed the structure of giving commisions on labor, products, and subscription packages. Products cover new/used computer and accessories but not parts. So I made categories as such, and new shop rule to pay attention to products entered in the system to be marked as proper category etc.

The next thing we realized is the syncro system updated a while back to do line based attibutation for the item, so you have to make sure the proper person is set in the invoice on the line item. If you add the item it defaults to you, but if my employee makes an invoice where the labor was me, he has to click the down arrow to expand the line item and switch to my user email. So we have a step when getting the commision report to glance through and manually catch these and fix them.

So then at the end, we have the commissions report showing totals for labor, new/used computers, accessories, and msp residential/commercial packages. Then came up with a percentage structure based on where they are at now, before they were “trying” to get sales, that is low, and has somewhere to “try harder” to get to higher percentage pay out yada yada.

Let me know if you’ve come up with anything similar, or ideas to tweak this! Hope this was helpful at some level lol.