Inbound SMS Number (UK)

Where do I find the inbound SMS number so customers can create tickets via SMS?

I’m pretty sure you have to use the BYO Twillio account to do inbound SMS. There are limitations like only matching on Company number (cannot match contact number), to generate a ticket. Ends up being a communications thread in the ticket notes section. This would work fine if all your customers are sole proprietors, or you have a single contact and you can add their cell phone to the customer detail but pretty much a non-starter for larger clients with many contacts.

Hi Jimathy, it is possible to create a ticket from SMS you just need to go to Admin>Ticket>Preferences> check " Create Tickets from SMS (if valid)"

There are some additional details regarding SMS to review as there are limits on total messages, you’ll want to look over the documentation here.

If you find what is included is too limited we also offer integrations with BYO Twilio and Flowroute.

Hi Alexandra, but what is the inbound number? eg +44 0********* ?

If you want to set up an inbound number, the best way to do this is through Twilio.