Inbound Email Only Marking as leads

Hey Folks,

The first couple of days here with Syncro and I already feel like I’m going mad here. No matter what I do, it seems every time I send to the helpdesk email we’ve set up, it gets picked up by Syncro as a lead.

In the customer under “Additional Ticket Matching Email Addresses” we have the customer’s domain “

Under tickets, Create tickets from Leads is enabled.

However, every time I test the support desk I get the automated “you have a new lead” notification rather than anything ticket-related, am I doing anything wrong here?

The Leads module is the Gateway for emails into Syncro, so ALL new tickets and ticket comments come through, and if you have notifications on you’ll get the notifications for every new email whether it’s processed as a ticket or stays as a lead. There are a number of config options you can chose like how it matches emails to customers and what it does with emails it cannot match to a given customer.

We turned off notifications in the leads module and did our best to set every setting so that every email that comes in goes right through to a ticket. Sales team has to use other tools as the noise and clutter would make the leads module useless for the sales team.

You’ll find some random percentage of inbound emails will stay showing in the leads modules but many of the emails that are processed won’t. And you may even find some of the ones that stay in the leads module also won’t update or create tickets.

Unfortunately based on the ticket I have open with support in the beginning of Nov about this issue, I don’t think support really knows what normal behavior is supposed to be.

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