Improved Policy Defaults for new clients

The New policy inheritance is great, however with the old model there was the “default Policy” we could modify to set a baseline for every endpoint added to the system would at least get the defaults. The two tweaks I think would be great would be:

  1. Allow setting a policy as the “Default Policy” that will be automatically attached to the root of all newly created clients
  2. Allow Templating Folder structures/trees with attached policies, so that policy structures could be set by default or attached from a template rather than going through 50 clicks on every new client

#1 is in the platform already. Head over to the RMM Preferences in the Admin Settings:

Well that’s a beautiful thing, not sure where I missed that being released. thanks

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Up vote for folder templates. I think we each have our standard folder structure we’d like to apply for clients. Please allow us to create templates so we can apply to customers. I’d have a residential folder structure and a business structure. This would save thousands of clicks.