Importing existing assets to customers that are already in Syncro

I have already imported all of the customers I need into Syncro, but now I am trying to import a list of assets that already exist in another platform. I am able to download these assets to be in csv format. Is there a way to easily upload these existing assets to Syncro?

Are these PCs or printers, routers etc. you’re wanting to import?

If it’s PCs, they’ll show up when you install the RMM software on them…

Hi @navid
I see that you have opened a ticket with our support team - we’ve not heard back from you on this. Here is our documentation on the process Installing Syncro Agent via Existing Assets from another RMM - Silent Agent Installs - Docs - Syncro Support Community
If you are still having trouble with the process, please let us know via the support ticket and we’ll be happy to dive in.