Images not showing up in tickets anymore

Since we have moved to the rich text version of the ticketing portal images that clients include in reply emails no longer appear in the portal. I see the placeholder information, initially the place holder says

“Processing. This image is still being processed and will appear here shortly”
Then after replies have gone back and forth the placeholder will change to red and display the message

Processing failed. We were unable to process this image"

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Hi @p.evangelou, do you mind submitting a ticket with support so that they can look into this further? Once tested they will figure out the root of the issue and if it needs to be escalated to the engineering team.

Hi, Canden. I submitted yesterday but when I didn’t get a response I posted here.

I saw this yesterday and sent it over to Bobby. I have seen an issue since it went into EA where subsequent replies, the signature images would show as processing and never change.

We are having the same issue.

We tested a couple more items and it seems that this only happens when clients paste an image into the body of the email. When they attach the message it shows up under ‘attachments’ in out portal

Hi @p.evangelou, yes the team discovered the same it is being escalated for a fix.