Images and fonts in broadcast messages or any other solution for a pop up notification

Good Morning All,

I am currently writing (Copying + pasting from inter-webs) script to check one drive status. If the script outputs an issue, I want a pop up notification to user with image(s) to direct them to fix the issue. Mostly it is the files not merged issue. How can I achieve either via broadcast message or any other solution.

Happy to share the script if any one wants.

Many Thanks.

There’s no rich text or images (besides your company logo) in broadcast messages or display alerts. If your script is running as the user you could “start” to launch a webpage with your message. Or possibly an automated remediation to send an email. Otherwise you’d need to program something in powershell/.net or another language to do what you want.

Many Thanks. I shall try the webpage launch method.

@isaacg are you able to assist on how to display webpage as a pop up rather than full window.

That will take a bit more code and get into more of a programming nature. Here’s an example you can probably modify for your needs: