Hudu + Syncro Contacts problem and (sort of) solution

Problem: Syncro + Hudu: sync normally works fine, but I have added a Contact in Syncro that wasn’t coming over to Hudu and didn’t know why. Waited an hour+, tried the Hudu Resync button on the top right many times, that user just wasn’t appearing under Hudu Users. Also didn’t appear when I click Bulk edit.

Solution: I discovered what the issue was so documenting it here in case anyone else runs into it. The name of the contact changed in Syncro (staffing change) and instead of deleting the existing one and adding a new one, I just changed the contact name in Syncro. I had waited to see the new name appear in Hudu under contacts but it never showed up. Hudu actually imported the contact successfully, however, it didn’t change the display name of the contact, and shows the display name in the list of contacts. If you click on the old contact’s name, you’ll see an “In Syncro” section and the new name will be there. You have to manually click on the display name at the top to change it to the new name.

Further investigation: I am unsure if Hudu isn’t importing correctly, or if I did not map the fields correctly so will have to investigate.