Hudu Integration - Link to Hudu in Asset Page

Currently I am using ITGlue but want to set up a Hudu server to compare documentation systems. In my current setup with ITG, there is a link that is created in the Asset Information section of the asset that will take me to the configuration item page in ITG.

Does this exist in Hudu with the integration with Syncro? I would like to have that same functionality so that I can click on the link and open the page with Hudu.

Also, if you have moved from ITG to Hudu, are you missing anything in the change or is it just as good?

Never used ITGlue, but Hudu does have that feature, well, with a plugin on the Chrome/Firefox stores.

Chrome: Hudu Link - Chrome Web Store
Firefox: Syncro - Hudu Link – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

Both work perfectly for us.

I have seen that but does it just place the link in the customer and ticket pages, or does it add a link in the asset page as well?

It puts a link on the Asset Page next to Customer Information for the assets and also on the Customer Page next to Customer Information to take you to the customer overview.


Awesome. That’s what I was wondering. Thanks.