HTML Ruining Ticket Formatting

Is there a way to change the line height with the new html formatting? As it is, pressing Enter adds an extra space between lines that is often unwanted. Or, when copying an email into a ticket, there are extra spaces between the “From,” “Sent,” “To,” and “Subject” lines, and then the same space where the actual body of the email starts. This is making emails difficult to read on a ticket. Additionally, it makes all the comments on a ticket unnecessarily lengthy due to all the extra space.

Is there a way to fix this ourselves, or is this something that needs to by addressed overall?

Oh, and sometimes emails that are copied into Syncro have all their line breaks removed and it just gets mushed into one unreadable string of text.

Hi Kat. We have reports about the line breaks from older ticket comments not being respected. That’s not good and we are sorry this is happening unexpectedly.

We are working to address this on our end.

As for changing the height, this is something we are monitoring feedback on. I’m not sure what options we have for this offhand, but it’s possible we have some play room with that.

I’m referring to line breaks on new ticket comments.

Also, as it is now, every email I copy into a ticket comment from our Help Desk is formatted differently.

Sometimes 5 line breaks get added where in the original email, there was only one. Sometimes, there is an extra line break between lines that do not have an extra line break, then the next comment entered on the same ticket with have no extra line breaks in some places, but extra line breaks in other places that the previous comment did not have. Literally every ticket comment is formatting differently.

This is a big problem for me too. We have lots of detailed notes on lots of tickets, many of which are spaced out and organized by line breaks which have all been lost and are now incredibly tedious to read and locate information on past tickets. Have you guys ever considered doing some testing before rolling out new features? It seems like you can’t ever launch a new feature without breaking something. We pay too much to be beta testers.

Interesting. We will be taking a closer look at this for sure. If you wouldn’t mind sending an example in to the Support team, I can have the team review things.

It also looks like the “i” for the last comment preview is broken on html replies.

It was VERY helpful before that non-emailed notes would be yellow and it would be white for emails. For bonus points, have a different color for Email, Public Note and Private Note to help us prevent those OOPS moments.

We’re also having this issue. Very frustrating as I have to comb through the HTML to find the customer inquiry :face_with_diagonal_mouth: edit: I also can’t submit private notes!

Still having this issue also, getting all the html code in the ticket comments.

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+1 Same here and it’s probably for everyone.
Can’t work like this

At which point should one consider switching system?

Whenever it floats your boat and you feel that’s what you need to do. Every platform has it’s issues though, so it’s all about what makes you happy.

I been around pretty much all the MSP platforms and can tell you that there isnt a perfect platform. They all suffer from one form of an issue over the other. Either it be a bad update or simply something isn’t fully flush out. Some don’t even listen to their customer complaints while others are more active trying to make it work for them even if they don’t support xx feature.

With that said, I think they are getting the point and looks like they are taking steps to improve this going forward. I feel like this is just one of them growing pains as things continue being expanded and improved.

I opened up a chat with support shortly after I noticed the issue and felt that they did take action quickly after that. I’ve found Syncro to be responsive to feedback, and hopefully the text formatting can be fixed soon enough. Having the composition windows turn yellow for private notes would be good, as someone before mentioned. I am so used to that that having it be white while composing a private note threw me off for a bit.

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I just added a note (Friday @ 2:45pm EDT) and the line breaks aren’t working – it all goes to one line!