HTML Code getting sent to Clients

Ticket updates are going out to clients as HTML code.
So now I’m getting calls.
Who is in charge of this nut house?

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Hi @pete1, this should have stopped with the rollback, are you still experiencing this? The Dev team is looking into your instance.

HTML seems to be resolved.
I’ve had trouble for weeks now - is that what you are trying to fix?

This is still happening for us as well. Our clients are seeing HTML in the ticket emails, and we see it on the web interface. Canned responses are also broken and duplicate inserting 3 to 5 times.

We have a ticket open with support, but this is a truly breaking issue. We will be bypassing Syncro today and sending traditional emails, then will need to re-enter all correspondence into the associated tickets. Is there any internal ETA you can share of when Syncro will be stable again?

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