How to submit a feature request to Syncro

How to submit a feature request to Syncro

Browse and Search

The portal captures a wealth of information, and we recommend starting by searching for requests. Adding your feedback to an existing idea gives it more weight since multiple users ask for similar functionality.

Submit a New Idea

If you have searched through the portal and don’t find an idea/request similar to yours, you can submit a brand new idea.

  1. Start a New Idea - Select the “New Topic” button in the window’s upper right.
  2. Title - One phrase or sentence description of your idea.
  3. Details/Comments - Share details about your use case, problem, and how this would help improve your day-to-day processes.
  4. Category - Select the Feature Request category from the dropdown should be selected.

Be sure to limit one feature request per idea submitted.

Submitting a Great Idea

A great idea describes the problem you are trying to solve and the context in which the feature will be It’s. It’s often best to think of an idea as presenting both a solution and the problem that the feature request is solving. The extent of the underlying problem or challenge being addressed is the actual value of any feature and will help your idea stand out.