How to search for Assets that only have Windows Defender?

Is there a way to create a Saved Asset Search that shows assets that are only running the included Windows Defender? (i.e. not Defender for Business, ATP, etc.)

I see the option for “Missing Antivirus”, but that only finds Windows 7 and servers – technically speaking, no Windows 10 or 11 machine is “missing antivirus” since Windows Defender is built in. Is there something I’m missing?

Unfortunately you’re not missing anything. This is another example of Syncro having information but not letting you access it in a useful way. There’s no column/property for antivirus even though it exists at the asset level, or a saved search option for referencing it. You’d have to script it to fill in a custom field. There’s antivirus status script in the library I believe that you could modify pretty easily to do. Once you have the custom field you can go to saved search and add a property condition for that field does not equal Windows Defender.