How to save a Syncro attachment down to the laptop as part of a script?

I’ve written a script to upload a file from a laptop, how can I access this attachment in a script to save it back down to a laptop?

You can’t if you are uploading it to Syncro. You could potentially do this if you upload to some file share you have access to, and then save the file as the same name (maybe something like the asset Mac ID or something) so you can always reference it from your script.

What is it specifically you are trying to accomplish?

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I’m wanting to migrate browser bookmarks when rebuilding a laptop, so the script would backup Firefox/Edge/Chrome bookmarks and upload them to Syncro attachments, then I would use the script to push them back down to the rebuilt laptop. I can manually upload the files to their laptop and then have the script manage the import, but if I’m wanting to use this script for other technicians I’m wanting to keep this as simple as possible.

Sounds like your best bet is to have the script that backs them up, put them to a central storage location since you can’t attach then reuse that attachment through Syncro like that.

Code so that the backup is unique and then use that same code to retrieve the unique backup and put it back.

Yep what Mark said above.

By the way Gavin, that is a super cool idea fwiw.